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What to do with Eldritch Abomination.

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Keep Eldritch Abomination's definition of incomprehensible monster, and make a new trope called Eldritch Icky Thing or something along those lines for what Eldritch Abomination is commonly used for.



  • Keeps the definition.
  • Presents an opportunity to clean up misuse and solve any problems the trope is having.

Change any misuse to Our Monsters Are Weird; don't create any downplayed subtrope.

Change the description to be less specific, and make the current definition of incomprehensible monster an exaggerated Internal Subtrope.


  • It keeps the original meaning valid, while also making the misused examples valid.
  • Only need to (mildly) alter the definition.

Merge Eldritch Abomination with Our Monsters Are Weird: both are used for weird icky things.