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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Given the sorry state of the crossdressing/transexual/genderbending tropes at the moment, Dropped A Bridget On Him needs to be altered. It may also be renamed, but this crowner is about what to do with the page itself.

The wick check has enough detail to be helpful here.

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Edit Dropped a Bridget on Him to make it gender neutral, rename it, rewrite the description specifically to note the differences in reactions based on gender, and separate the male and female examples on the page.

Rewrite the description of Dropped a Bridget on Him to the trope's original meaning of a (heterosexual) male character discovering that his presumed female object of affection has male genitalia, possibly rename it to something less awful and snowcloney, and create a Distaff Counterpart trope.

Rewrite the description to make Dropped a Bridget on Him completely gender-neutral, put out a call for female examples through Wiki Magic, and rename to something less gendered.

Take no action on the page other than renaming it.