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What would be the best way to fix the page?

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What to do with Dont Explain The Joke, as it's both a pothole magnet, and suffers misuse from those that think any information given about a joke is explaining it, when the trope is actually explaining what the punchline means.

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Only clean up the examples and wicks.

Clean up, and redefine so that it's not only about the punchline.

Split off the stock joke where the funny part is explaining a normally unfunny joke.

Rename, clean up examples/wicks, and split off explaining the punchline of a bad joke is the joke itself.

I would suggest the trope name "Yes, that's the joke, Ted." from the Family Guy episode with Ted Turner insisting on explaining a joke's punchline to Peter, Mr Puterschmit, Bill Gates and Michael Esner. My friends and I have started to use that phrase at each other whenever one of us starts over explaining a joke.

Rename and clean up examples and wicks.