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Split into at least three tropes:

  1. Heroic Dolphins: Dolphins will help people in danger, usually by saving them from drowning or from sharks.
  2. Playful Dolphins: Wild dolphins are friendly with humans, will play around with them, do tricks with them, and even let them ride on them. The degree to which this is Truth in Television varies, but most professionals advise keeping a safe distance from wild dolphins as they can often be dangerous.
  3. Sentient Cetaceans: Whales and dolphins are as smart as people, and perhaps even smarter. Often overlaps with Space Whales.

Possibly do a dolphin motif trope if there are enough examples.

Rename Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere to be more reflective of the trope being about smart dolphins and split off another trope for examples about dolphin motifs and the like.

Split Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere into a trope about dolphins saving sailors from sinking ships, especially when sharks are involved and a trope about dolphins' high intelligence making them important to the plot somehow.

Rename Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere and edit out examples that do not fit the current description of the trope.