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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Many of the examples indexed in Better Than It Sounds use descriptions which are actively misleading. For example, for the original Alien, the description given is "A stomach cramp gets out of hand", when an accurate summary would be more along the lines of "While investigating a distress call, a member of a freighter spaceship crew gets infected with a parasite, which later bursts out of his chest and starts killing everyone." This kind of manipulative rewriting seems counter to the spirit of the trope, which seems to describe works for which even an accurate description does not explain the appeal.

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Change the rules to require accurate description, but not necessarily the Laconic texts of the entries.

Move the page to Just for Fun and leave it the way it is.

Make it difficult to pothole to, or at least make it clearer that potholing to it is a bad idea.

Leave the page as it is.

Split off examples with misleading descriptions to a Just for Fun page and keep the old pages for examples with accurate descriptions.

Change the rules to require that works be described using the text on their corresponding Laconic pages.

Move the page to Sugar Wiki and leave it the way it is.