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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The trope description appears to define the trope as the use of Guns And Gunplay Tropes tropes with crossbows.

The name suggests that it is about rapidly firing crossbows.

The overwhelming amount of examples on the page and in the wicks are rapidly firing crossbows.

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Option A: Redefine to match the title and how it is being used.

  • Pro: Least amount of work.
  • Pro: We don't actually have a trope page for repeating and automatic crossbows, which is a legitimate trope that this name and the bulk of the examples has done a very good job at collecting examples for.

Option B: Scrub all the "bad" examples and rename the trope to something that better indicates what it is about.

  • Pro: Better fits the apparent original intention of the page.
  • Con: It can be argued that the use of Guns and Gunplay Tropes with crossbows is not really a trope, or at least not a separate trope. Do we really need More Dakka... WITH CROSSBOWS? Just use More Dakka and make a note in the example description of the type of weapon that is being used.
  • Con: The use of automatic and repeating crossbows is a legitimate trope for which this page has done a very good job collecting examples.