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Change the definition to "has nonexistent or remarkably low standards within the borders of their sexual interest pool. I.e. can be hetero, gay, bi. It doesn't mean they're willing to lay children, animals, or inanimate objects; it means that things like age, personality and attractiveness restrict them much less than the average person. Doesn't necessary mean they get around a lot though; just that they'd be willing. "

  • NOTE: This is the definition in general use outside the wiki.
  • All other examples and links would need to be moved to a new trope.

Change the definition to pansexuals only — those characters who have no preference standards — any gender, any race, any age, any thing will do. In other words, make it completely literal — anything that moves is a legitimate sexual target for them.

Get rid of the clarifications to the trope, open the page with " Anything That Moves means anything that moves, gender restrictions will be nuked! " for an unaviodable clarity.

Just Rename the existing trope to something that's clearer.

Broaden the definition to include heterosexuals and homosexuals, as well as bisexuals, but keep it restricted to successfully promiscuous characters