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Drop original definition from SugarWiki.And The Fandom Rejoiced and take it to YKTTW

Give this the Most Triumphant Example treatment:

  • Disallow wicks from work pages.
  • Likely cut the /Main/ redirect.


  • Current entries are purely Gushing About Shows You Like, a thing that doesn't belong outside of Sugar Wiki and reviews under any circumstances.
  • Any content can easily be accessed in the Sugar Wiki and the subpages.
  • Sugar Wiki page is gaining inbounds quickly, making access from /Main/ unnecessary

Start a cleanup in the ATFR namespace using what has been nicknamed "Example Lobotomy" (see Kingdom Hearts, Donkey Kong Country, The Simpsons, Power Rangers for some examples) as the writing style to use as a guideline.


  • This should allow us to keep the examples and following the wiki's need to be act more like a "encyclopedic" wiki, in order to achieve a more streamlined writing style, at the same time.
  • Aside from examples of this trope in individual YMMV tabs, the namespace should be pretty quick to clean up, way more than Nightmare Fuel.