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3. Hard split - Adult Fear is for realistically scary situations in general. Parental Fear (a child is in danger) is a prominent sub-set and we should have a separate page for it.

7. Hard split the page and turn Adult Fear into a disambiguation page. Both new tropes will have a new name (Realistic Fear and Parental Fear; new names will be chosen by another crowner).

6. Organize clean-up (some examples are shoe-horned; there is an issue of works with supernatural elements - a kidnapped child is scary but if demons are involved, it's not an example of this trope).

8. Redefine and rename the trope to Parental Fear (a child is in danger), remove the (realistically scary situations in general) examples.

5. Make it an Audience Reaction (what is scary is subjective and it's close to Nightmare Fuel).

2. Rename (suggested titles were Realistic Fear or Scary Reality; if this option is called, we'll have another crowner).

4. Soft split the page (type "child in danger" should be grouped together).

1. Do nothing.