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World Tree: "The Tree seems to represent the connection that all living things have. ... The World Tree may exist between worlds, with its roots in one and its branches in another. ... The health of the World Tree is tied to that of the world itself; injuring it may have catastrophic consequences. " It is also often depicted aas towering into the sky, visible for miles around, although this is not a required part of the trope.

The World Tree is not simply "any very large tree".

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Yggdrasil 1 (bright colors intensity)

Same artwork as Yggdrasil 1 paler color scheme

Yggdrasil diagram Pen and ink or etching-style, black and white

Tree Of Might; Dragonball (sharper image would be good.)

Great Tree; Tales of Symphonia (sharper image would be better)

Mana Tree; Secret Of Mana, relatively close view

Mana Tree; Secret of Mana, distance view

Heart Of The World; Quest For Glory III

The Hometree from Avatar (the movie)