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At issue:

Some people don't like the current image.

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Current image


  • It demonstrates the facial expression that the trope is about.


  • Some tropers believe this is not a strong example of the expression. The character appears dazed, reducing the sense they are having a horrible realisation of imminent doom.

Simba from The Lion King


  • It demonstrates the facial expression that the trope is about.
  • Is of a familar character for general western audiences


  • Some tropers believe this is more of a general "surprised" face. This could be because the eyebrows are overall raised, as opposed to flat ( - shaped) or inverted (u shaped) as seen in many other examples.

Spy vs Spy Grenade in suitcase.

Wile E Coyote


  • An iconic example of the trope
  • Not needing context
  • Clean image


  • he makes that face frequently, due to repeatedly facing this situation, which for those familiar with the character may cause it to lose impact

Calvin & Hobbes


  • Is Also the source of the page quote.
  • Gives context for the incident.


  • Would take some work to get it to fit well and still be visible.

first version, or slightly cleaned up version One Piece's Enel, Before & After pic.


  • it demonstrates the trope
  • Some tropers believe that the default face next to it helps convey the mood.


  • some tropers believe it's too extreme, therefore it's not illustrative of the trope's less overstated examples.
  • some tropers believe it looks more like he is shouting or just got kicked in the balls than like he's having an Oh, Crap! moment.
  • some tropers believe it's too ugly/grotesque, and that this visceral reaction lessens its effect as a trope image.


Perona (also from One Piece)

I want to know what was wrong with my 4 frame image of Quattro.

no image.


  • Would stop potential further argument as to what is the "best" image.
  • There is an Image Links page that hosts all the images for Oh, Crap!.


Wide Scar from The Lion King

We could use this 4 frame image: Befriended.