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Image Pickin: Love Makes You Crazy

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Haruna Niekawa from Durarara!! (current pic)

PROS: Unkempt hair, facial expression, and eyes give a good package appearance of insanity, coupled with the subtitle.

CONS: Essentially JAFAAC.

Harley Quinn mashup

PROS: Shows the trope in action; Harley is a textbook example of the trope.

CONS: Text-heavy, not as clean and succinct as other examples. Crams more details and hard-to-read text than a 350px image can really take.

Yuno from Mirai Nikki

PROS: She's acting in a decidedly creepy/affectionate manner toward someone else.

CONS: Works better as an example of Yandere

Second panel, Penny and Aggie

PROS: Character admits acting crazy over someone else.

CONS: Insanity is all in the dialogue, and was in the past of the comic's timeframe.


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