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Image Pickin: Invisible To Normals

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Head slime from Paranatural

Pros: Good demonstration of trope.
Cons: No major faults.

Ryuk talking (same pic at 210 px)

Pros: Explains trope clearly, decent visualization, not as tall as the other version.
Cons: Same as the other.

Ryuk talking from Death Note (280 px)

Pros: Explains trope clearly, decent visualization.
Cons: Very tall, no clear interaction with Light.

Rin collage from RIN-NE

Pros: Good visualization of trope, clear interaction with person who can see her.
Cons: Some artifacting from resizing.

Glasses from Dennou Coil (Current page pic)

Pros: Visualizes trope.
Cons: Already being used on Goggles Do Something Unusual and is a better fit for that page.