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Uniqueness Decay: Suggestion from Kingdom Hearts. Caption: Kingdom Hearts I: Only The Hero has a Keyblade, and it's a really big deal. Kingdom Hearts II: The Hero and his True Companions all have Keyblades. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: The climax takes place in a literal forest of Keyblades. DONE

Velvet Revolution: Suggestion from internet. DONE

Suggestion for Iconic Sequel Song: Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky III DONE

Mobile Maze: Suggestion from Labyrinth DONE

Psychological Horror: Suggestion from Black Swan. Caption: What's scarier? Running from a monster or the fear of losing your mind? DONE

Nice Guys Finish Last: Suggestion from Red Ears Opened thread

Suggestion for HoYay.Supernatural. Caption: "Cas, we've talked about this. Personal space?" DONE

Race Fetish: Suggestion from Only Decent People Opened thread

I want to add context to <a href="">Precious Photo</a> Recommendation to a good idea. <a href="">wisata</a>

Suggestion for Writing About Your Crime from Basic Instinct. Caption:[-Nick: Writing a book about it gives you an alibi for not killing him. Catherine: Yes it does, doesn't it?-] Opened thread

Artistic License Law: Suggestion from VG Cats Opened thread

Not So Dire: Suggestion from 8-Bit Theater Opened thread

Suggestion for The Social Darwinist from X-Men: Apocalypse. Caption: "We will cleanse the Earth... for the strongest." Opened thread