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The Cartel: Suggestion from Narcos. Counter-suggestion, opened thread

Xenomorph Xerox: Suggestion from Xenophobe DONE

Jealous Parent: Suggestion from internet. DONE

Tomorrowland: Suggestion from Disney Theme Parks. Caption: There's a great big beautiful tomorrow... Opened thread

Imaginary Enemy: Suggestion from internet. Opened thread

Villainous Breakdown: Suggestion of Norman Osborn from the storyline Siege. Opened thread

Harsher in Hindsight: Suggestion from Grand Theft Auto V with the following caption: Considering what really happened to the Galaxy Note 7... Opened thread

Please don't add options to a current crowner once it's already running.

Motivational Kiss: Suggestion from Association Football. Opened thread

Bodyguard Babes: Suggestion from Wild Wild West. Opened thread