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Romantic Comedy: Suggestion from poster collage. DONE

Kayfabe Music: Suggestion from Stovokor (band). DONE

CrackPairing.Super Smash Bros: Link and Peach. Caption ideas to choose from: "By any chance, are you hiding something from me?" or "Link...can I see your Master Sword?" DONE

Space Is Noisy: Suggestion from comic. Opened thread

Most Writers Are Male: Suggestion from Caged Heat poster and Real Life Opened thread

Funny.Fire Emblem Heroes: Narcian's damaged portrait. Caption idea: "I am strong. I am wise. I amóOH SCREW IT!" Opened thread

Murder in the Family: Suggestion from photography. Opened thread

Furries Are Easier to Draw: Suggestion from Disney (spoofing a Normal Rockwell drawing). Opened thread

We Sell Everything: Suggestion from Animal Crossing: New Leaf Opened thread

Being God Is Hard: Suggestion from The Mighty Thor (middle-right panel). Opened thread

Belly of the Whale: Suggestion from Pinocchio. Opened thread