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Voice of the Legion: Mars from A Miracle of Science (last panel). DONE

Bad Girl Comic: Suggestion from Swords of Sorrow. DONE

Violation of Common Sense: Suggestion from Final Fantasy VI. Suggestion caption: Naturally, you have to jump to continue the game. DONE

Title Tropes: Suggestion from internet. DONE

Chokepoint Geography: Suggestion from art of the Battle of Thermopylae by Louis Glanzman. DONE

Monster.Fire Emblem: Hans from Fire Emblem Fates Needs mod edit

God Is Dead: Suggestion from God Is Dead. Opened thread

Destroyer Deity: Suggestion from Dragon Ball Super. Caption suggestion: "In the end, you destroyed the planet just as you planned, Lord Beerus." "Yeah, I couldn't let those guys just go on living forever." Opened thread

Ponzi: Suggestion from internet. Opened thread

Villainous Underdog: Suggestion from painting of Michael battling Satan by Guido Reni (1636). Opened thread

The Last Dance: Duel scene from Bloodborne. Caption suggestion: Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt. Opened thread