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Voice Actors: Suggestion from The Flintstones (backstage). DONE

Confirmation Bias: Suggestion from Chainsawsuit (panel 2). DONE

Interdimensional Travel Device: Suggestion from Rick and Morty Different image from same work in use; has motion to keep

Dramatis Personae: Suggestion from The Beaux Strategem. Moved to separate thread because of a counter-suggestion

Passion Is Evil: Suggestion from Star Wars. Suggested caption: Peace is a lie. The force shall set me free. DONE

Revealing Reflection: Suggestion from Aladdin. Opened thread

Cat Stereotype: Suggestion from The Aristocats. Opened thread

Rising Empire: Suggestion from old newspaper. Opened thread

Do not add options to these crowners once they're running

Do not add options to these crowners once they're running

Stupid Surrender: Suggestion from The Naked Gun. Opened thread

Family Eye Resemblance: Suggestion from Naruto. Caption suggestion: Guess which two characters here are related? Opened thread

Imaginary Enemy: Suggestion from internet. Opened thread

Deliberately Distressed Damsel: Suggestion from ?. Suggested caption: Won't some brave hero please save me? Opened thread