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Playing Possum: From Caldwell Tanner comic (panel 1+2+3 or 1+3). DONE

Suicide Pact: From deviantart Permission request sent

Warfare Regression: From Command & Conquer: Tiberian Series. Caption suggestion: GDI armor in the first, second, and third Tiberium Wars DONE

Teeny Weenie: from Internet (Visual Pun, as a straight example would be NSFW) Thread opened due to circumstances outside of this thread

Monster.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure: Face grab Suggested caption: "You were a fool to attack me. I have disowned my weakness in favor of life everlasting!" Opened thread

Kite Riding: From Lupin III Opened thread

Battle Rapping: Don't Flop Opened thread

Faux Paw: Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew Opened thread