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The Man They Couldn't Hang: From Oglaf (last panel) DONE

Cosy Catastrophe: From advertising. DONE

Spare a Messenger: From Oglaf (panel 1+2) DONE

Acid Reflux Nightmare: From Peanuts (last four panels) DONE

The Scapegoat: From Peanuts. (panel 2+3 or panel 3+4)

Born as an Adult: From Embryo. DONE

Good Powers, Bad People: From Batman. Caption suggestion: The power over life... to bring death. DONE

Love Confession: From Bittersweet Candy Bowl (last panel of the first section) DONE

Fall Guy: From The Simpsons. Caption suggestion: "Yes Your Honour, the Springfield mob was being run by an 8-year old kid." Opened thread

Death by Childbirth: From A Song of Ice and Fire (fan-art) Opened thread

Mixed Metaphor: From No Rest for the Wicked (panel 3+4) Opened thread

Monster.Warcraft: Gul'dan Opened thread