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Nominations for replacement images:

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Diabolus ex Machina: From Sinfest (panel 2+3 or 2+3+4) DONE

Human Pet: From Strange Adventures. DONE

Changeling Tale: From art. DONE

King of the Homeless: From art. Suggested caption: "You will address him as 'Your Homeless'". DONE

Missed the Bus: From photography DONE

Digitized Hacker: From internet. DONE

Better to Die than Be Killed: From Cyanide & Happiness. I'm thinking panels 1+3+5+6. DONE

Big Brother is Employing You: From Brazil. Suggested caption: "Just another day at the office." DONE

Sapient Pet: From Aladdin. Opened thread

Gratuitous Nazis: From The Spirit. Suggested caption: "Nazis in my City Noir? It's more likely than you think." Opened thread

Please do not add new entries to crowner once it's running.

Absolute Xenophobe: From Nemesis the Warlock. Caption suggestion: "The only good alien is a dead alien." Opened thread