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Dawn Attack: From art DONE

Ursine Aliens: From Star Wars DONE

Archived Army: From Night at the Museum 2 DONE

Volcano Lair: From Esquire. Suggested caption: "The base no self-respecting supervillain can do without." DONE

Black Sheep: From art Artist contacted for permission

Evil Colonialist: From art DONE

Pro Wrestling Episode: From South Park Opened thread

Knotty Tentacles: From Dragon Ball Z Opened thread

Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: From Star Trek: The Next Generation. Suggested caption: "I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile." Opened thread

Wicked Toymaker: Toyman from Superman Opened thread

Please do not add new entries to the crowner once it's running

Deadly Graduation: From The Bourne Ultimatum. Suggested caption: "You are no longer David Webb. From now on you'll be known as Jason Bourne. Welcome to the program." Opened thread

Colonized Solar System: From internet Opened thread

Technically Naked Shapeshifter: From X-Men (panel 4). Suggested caption: "She must save a fortune on the latest fads." Opened thread

Fatal Attraction: From Basic Instinct. Suggested caption: "Don't get too close to the flame, Nick." Opened thread