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Crowning Music Of Awesome: Sonic Generations

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The music that curls your toes up for this show.

At issue:


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Escape From The City (Classic)

Crisis City (Modern)

Chemical Plant (Classic)

Seaside Hill (Modern)

Chemical Plant (Modern)

Run Through The Speed Highway (Classic)

Crisis City (Classic)

Rooftop Run (Modern)

Stardust Speedway (JP)

Green Hill (Classic)

Green Hill (Modern)

Sky Sanctuary (Classic)

Death Egg Robot

Escape From The City (Modern)

Seaside Hill (Classic)

Open Your Heart (Perfect Chaos Remix)

Egg Dragoon

Sky Sanctuary (Modern)

Run Through The Speed Highway (Modern)

Rooftop Run (Classic)

Planet Wisp (Classic)

Planet Wisp (Modern)

Time Eater

Stardust Speedway (US)