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Biggest Complaint: Young Justice

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At issue:


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That it's being canceled after only two seasons.

The AWFUL way the pairings are handled in Season One. Thank God for the character development in season Two.

Oh, and the fact that none of the new characters from Season Two besides Impulse and Blue Beetle have gotten any decent screen time.

General lack of consistent and effective character focus, made worse by the addition of ALOT more characters in season 2.

(Season 1) Too much focus on Superboy and/or Miss Martian. They practically got more screen time than the rest of the team combined.

Superboy and Miss. Martian should not be brought back together, I know Miss. Martian apologized for her psychic-powers abuse, but really? That's no excuse for what she did to Superboy and if the genders were reversed the relationship would still be unhealthy and in other ways creepy. IMO they should move on from their old flames.

The fact that the endings of season one seemed so rushed, as though Weisman found out they were being cancelled and wrapped up ALL the story arcs for this season AND the next one in three episodes.

By season two Miss Martian becomes a broken character on multiple levels. For starters she has become far too powerful, becoming the only sidekick to become far stronger than her mentor. Her telepathy is for some reason stronger than pure telepaths.

And no one calls her out on putting villains into comas except Superboy.