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Biggest Complaint: The Simpsons

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At issue:

This series is suffering from a bad case of Seasonal Rot (aside from the movie, which was pretty good.)

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Many of the most endearing characters on the show were flanderized into becoming annoying jerkasses. Homer, initially a bumbling, well-intentioned goofball and all-around loveable oaf, became an ignorant, arrogant jerkass. Lisa was initially a likeable outcast, who's preachy Soapbox Sadie tendencies were played for laughs (occasionally making her the Butt-Monkey of the cast). Now, she's an obnoxious, self-righteous Creator'sPet, and every episode about her is about everyone else being and idiot and how she's always right. Flanders was initially a decent guy who just so happened to be a Christian,, and something akin to the Ace. Now he's every negative Christian stereotype ever. All of it feels like a vain attempt to out-jerkass characters on other shows like South Park and Family Guy, which goes against everything we liked about the Simpsons in the first place. Whatever happened to the good old days of "Don't have a cow, man", and "eat my shorts"? The show worked because it WASN'T like those other shows where all of the characters are remorseless sociopaths. The series had a heart.

How preachy the show has become.

The "special guest voices" have gone downhill too. Nowadays the fact that certain celebrities will appear seldom lives up to its hype.

1) Sometimes celebrities appear and have only one line. (André Agassi, for instance). It seems they only appear for the sake of name dropping instead giving them anything funny to say.

2) Other times a celebrity has more lines, but nothing is done with the things they're famous for. When Helen Fielding appeared, for instance, the makers just made her say that "Americans don't understand the subtleties of British comedy", cue to her starting to perform Benny Hill slapstick. Not only has Fielding nothing to do with Hill, besides the fact they both are British, but they could have easily made this joke with any other character. The same happened when Tony Blair was a guest voice. They just had him greet tourists in the London airport? What?! He was the friggin' Prime Minister! When would he ever find the time to do unneccessary stuff like that? And after the Simpsons arrive he decides he's late for another appointment and flies off, just so we can have a James Bond reference. It's bad enough that the show gives politicians a chance to win voters by letting them appear in a popular show, but having them just appear without any inspirational joke? That's just a waste of animation.

3) The Lady Gaga episode was exactly the opposite. Not only did the pop star take up almost the entire story: she seems to have more lines and screen time than any other guest star on the show ever. And considering "The Simpsons" had icons like Paul Mc Cartney, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, ... that's really saying something. Even when Michael Jackson appeared on the show, he only took up a third of the plot. The rest was devoted to Homer being institutionalized with references to "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and Lisa being sad about nobody remembering her birthday. Enough to entertain and please people who weren't fans of Jackson. The Lady Gaga episode has literally nothing else going on besides the pop star coming to Springfield and Lisa feeling somewhat alienated. For people who aren't fans of the singer this is just a 20 minute egotrip without any other amusing subplot.

The cringeworthy attempts to be hip in episodes such as "Elementary School Musical" and "The Food Wife".

The pathetic attempts that this show makes to parody everything popular at the moment. It's tacky, obvious and totally unimaginative.

How wacky and cartoony the show has become, despite the characters having yellow skin and the Simpson family having ridiculous hair the show used to be fairly realistic and grounded in reality and the characters had issues people could relate to, the only unrealistic things happened in either day dreams, hallucinations, or Treehouse of Horror episodes. Since about 2005 the show has become like any other cartoon characters gain the ability to fly, they gain animal like abilities like frog tongues, the perform feats they shouldn't be able to like leaping from building to building or lifting cars off the ground, mythical creatures appearing without it being a day dream or hallucination, characters body parts or organs falling out without them bleeding or dying,etc.

The fact that the show started adding more and more bland, cutesy, unfunny family friendly stuff like every bland sitcom around. Maggie saving Homer from drowning? Seriously? Maggie imitating Britney Spears' Pepsi commercial for no particular reason, except that it looks cute? Especially Marge transformed into a prudent, conventional and eternally unhip character scolding her children for stuff that's almost embarrassingly dull and inoffensive. Preventing Bart from reading a "Hagar the Horrible" comic strip, just because she thinks its "not funny"? Doesn't she have anything better to do? Also, in earlier seasons Marge was actually rather free thinking compared to the rest of the town. Remember that she felt that everyone should see Michelangelo's statue of David, despite it showing a naked man?

During its heyday the comedy in this show was sarcastic, funny and poked fun at these type of schmalzy family sitcoms. There were more sentimental scenes, but those were genuinly heartfelt. After a few seasons the show brought in new writers, most of whose only experience was writing scripts for bland and forgettable family sitcoms. Instead of understanding what made "The Simpsons" great they just wrote the same kind of unfunny, undaring, middle-of-the-road, inoffensive, lame stuff that you find in any other sitcom.

Left-wing politics.