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Biggest Complaint: The Avengers

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No Ant-Man and Wasp. Not that the movie particularly suffers for it, but it would have been nice to have them.

Where the Hell was War Machine? To have him be in the second Iron Man Film and then not in the Avengers, I could see that maybe the War Machine armor got taken from him, but to see him in the trailer for Iron Man 3 makes this a little jarring. Maybe like the writers felt having War Machine around would confuse the stupid kids that two armored heroes are flying around, or would just steal the spotlight from their money making power team.

Edit by another Troper: This is addressed in the comic "Iron Man 3: Prelude", with a reasonably satisfying explanation: he was up against the Ten Rings in China and was called in by Tony just before the final fight, but arrived in New York just too late to join the battle - during the Shawarma restaurant scene from the Stinger, in fact. Still an issue that it's not addressed in the film itself, I'll readily agree.