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Biggest Complaint: Tales

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Namco refusing to officially release many of the Tales games outside of Japan.

Namco keeps releasing Tales games for every single console, meaning that if you want to play every Tales game, you need to spend a lot of money.

(Edit by other troper) It gets even worse when you take into consideration the fact that certain games are available on other consoles in Japan, like Symphonia for the PS 2 and Vesperia for the PS 3. Don't own a 360? American? Well fuck you!

Honestly, the fact that most of the Best ones never get a Release Outside of Japan. Tales of Innocence? Nope. Great Game, do we ever get to touch it without using an English Translation Patch and a Flashcart? Nope. Same can be said for Tales of Heart, and all the Re-Releases.

Namco Bandai, when they actually do release a Tales game outside of Japan, constantly refusing to give their game any meaningful/significant marketing; as a result, very few people know about the series, and therefore few people buy the game, and therefore NB rationalizes their own folly.

Say what you will about Moviebob, but as he once said (from The Big Picture's "Continanity: Rebooted" episode): "Huh, how about that. Products sell better if you advertise them."

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World