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Biggest Complaint: Suzumiya Haruhi

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Endless Eight, Endless Eight, ENDLESS EIGHT!!!

The fandom has no sense of proportion. I don't know what it is about this show, but it seems to bring this out in people more than anything else. Haruhi is God! The show does everything perfectly (except Endless Eight)! It subverts everything! No, it deconstructs every single trope on the wiki!

It's not that the show is bad; it's just that the fandom is so out of proportion to any plausible level of quality that the show could possibly have.

The art-style decay in Season 2, causing the show to lose its original touch in order to be more like K-ON!

I'm not saying they're not interesting or they don't have relevant roles to play, but the show absolutely has to rely on Kyon and Haruhi. Everyone else is doomed to one repeated personality trait.

The title character's sheer unlikability.

The hate that Endless Eight got. Now, I'm not justifying Endless Eight entirely. The writers took a 30 page chapter and made eight episodes about it. That's weak. But can't ANYONE appreciate the effort the art staff went through? Making eight episodes with almost identical scripts and sometimes even settings (Namely Kyon's house and the restaurant at the very end) and making identifiably different episodes out of it? Also, when Endless Eight was first airing, no one seemed to take the hint that the Endless EIGHT would be eight episodes long. No matter who you asked, people would speculate that Endless Eight would end on the third cycle. Or the fifth. Seriously. In short, we get it, lots of people didn't like Endless Eight. So stop complaining and try to see the positives.