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Biggest Complaint: Super Smash Bros

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The fanbase— Scrubs and Stop Having Fun Guys as far as the eye can see. Fun is subjective, and however you like to play the game is fine— can we all just please not be total jerkasses about it?


The fact Sonic is not in the story mode. I mean, yes, its in the last freaking minute; I wanted to watch Sonic meeting with Mario, having some competition, even Call Backs from the olympic games. Nothing. Freaking, F*cking nothing.

Hear me out here - Not tripping in of itself, since it can actually be pretty funny in casual matches, but the fact that it isn't at least toggleable for more serious matches.

The gender ratio when it comes to playable characters. 3 female fighters (4 if you include Nana of the Ice Climbers and 5 if you count Jigglypuff as female) compared to 31/32 males is VERY unbalanced!

The Fact that The that some of it's games are rated T, It makes no sense, yeah even though TONS of Sega and Nintendo characters are in the game,it features Kirby and Mario and etc. but It's rated T, not Teen yet?, hope your Parents approve...

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