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Biggest Complaint: Southpark

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Over-reliance on toilet humor and gross-out comedy, which overshadows the actual wit.

Any of the storylines that are focusing On Mr. Garrison's Gender/Gender Change.

Whenever they put their message over the comedy.

Some of the points are just beaten too far into the ground. Maybe they'll make a clever one about hippies, PETA, gun owners, etc., but they'll just keep going with the SAME. JOKE. FOR TWENTY MORE MINUTES.

The show is too topical nowadays. The episodes won't age well as a result.

The fact that it has just become a vehicle for the makers to mock any trend, any star, any cause, any hot topic, any TV show, film or politician,... just because it was in the media when the episode first aired.

I wouldn't mind too much, but most of the time it's just portraying everybody and everything they don't like as being stupid. Just having Justin Bieber appear and be eaten by Ctulhu or the Kardashians being shot into a bloody pulp is just Fanservice for people who don't like them. I don't like them either, but by just killing them in graphic ways it just becomes similar to a frustrated ten year old drawing a vengeful doodle based on a teacher he doesn't like. In earlier seasons they actually took the time to raise a point on why these people don't deserve the hype surrounding them. Nowadays they just target things or people they dislike in such an extreme way that has nothing to do with their public persona that it eventually becomes redundant and loses its impact. Poking fun at Al Gore is fine, but if you have to re-invent him as some kind of infantile man fighting off imaginary monsters you're really not providing any clever satire.

In a way Trey Parker and Matt Stone are starting to become a bunch of old farts who hate just everything about the modern world without any real argument besides the fact that they are genuinely angry about it.

Pretty much any season since the 12th where every episode's sole purpose is for Matt and Trey to create one joke for it and then in the next 30 minutes run it into the ground.

It's got the same quality I don't like about Jon Stewart: it tries to be satirical, but when the satire doesn't work or is just wrong, oh, now it's just supposed to be stupid. It's a double standard.

Too much Randy.