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Biggest Complaint: Metroid

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Other M in general.

The series adding more and more prequels/interquels but refuses to advance the plot after Metroid Fusion.

Metroid: Other M. Samus's main character trait, before that game, was being a stoic bounty hunter hardened by trauma to the point of being fearless. Other M threw that out the window entirely and turned Samus into a female stereotype. Reliance on men? Check. Overall theme of motherhood? Check. Lack of a backbone? Check, please.

Sliding the Gameplay To Story Ratio further away from gameplay, leading to onscreen happenings the player never gets to influence or interact in.

The transition over the years away from true Metroidvania and into no-backtracking linear gameplay style.

Overall bad writing, including loads of Show, Don't Tell failure in Samus's narration.

Samus's insufferable line in Other M: "The Baby..."

No more new powers and abilities. Samus just keeps rehashing what she's had, especially in Other M.

Giving Sakamoto unrestricted veto power (more or less) over story, writing, gameplay design, and even localization after he admitted to not speaking English

Taking a more cinematic approach to story telling as opposed to Scrap Book Story plots the player pieced together if they wanted to when they wanted to.


The lack of random encounters with SA-X in Fusion

The ugly, generic looking art direction of Metroid: Other M, especially in comparison to it's predecessors.

Samus's coloring is an eyesore greenish yellow, and her weird proportions are much more noticeable when standing next to the more human shaped Federation commandos, as opposed to the Feddy Marines in the previous games. Most enemies are obnoxious colors, light purples and turquoises, and their models tend to lack more then basic detail.

The fact that Super Metroid essentially put expectations on how the rest of the series should be. Any games get inevitably compared.

I actually liked the cinematic storytelling of Other M, I just didn't like the story itself. Regardless, that style of storytelling needs to be in further Metroid games. The series really had lacked story, and that's what I play games for.

Also, one thing I don't like is non-Prime style gameplay. The first person stuff is better, definitely. I do find the 2D games good, though. One other thing that needs to go away and NEVER come back is beam stacking. I prefer to switch them.

Also, I didn't mind using Concentration to heal, but I had an idea how they can do it better. Add a Concentration Beam, with "ammo" in the form of Recharge Tanks. Samus can have 10 E-Tanks and 10 R-Tanks. One shot of the beam heals like 5 points, but holding fire button down heals 25/second.

Another thing they should cut out: the way Samus' suit goes on and comes off, in Other M. It shouldn't be a suit of energy, it should be mechanical! Think about how Iron Man takes his suits off. That's what should happen with Samus. No, I don't mean all those big yellow robotic arms slowly assembling it, I mean in Iron Man 3, when they just open up to let him in and out.

Sorry that was long, I'm done now xD

The constant comments about "being a good game, but not a good Metroid game."

The constant bashing of Other M. While it's true that the game had some flaws and that the story was a bit weak, I honestly feel like a lot of people are making it out to be worse than it actually is.

For example, a lot of reviews complain about the first-person view, acting as if going into it means that you're practically guaranteed to get hit...and yet they all seem to either be ignorant of or flat-out ignore the fact that you can dodge while in that mode.

Exaggerating Samus's Other M character as being weak.

Lack of a clear objective right off.

The lackluster visual design with generic fire, ice, jungle, and space ship environments.