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Biggest Complaint: Mass Effect

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At issue:


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The ending of Mass Effect 3.

The tedious mini games:

  • Driving the Mako around empty, rugged planets in ME 1
  • Scanning planets for minerals in ME 2

The addition of an ammo system in the second game that went against established canon.

The lack of influence your background has in 2 and 3. Granted, it gets referenced once or twice, but it never comes into play, and you never get to delve deeper into how it has affected Shephard. Would have been interesting to hear Shephard spaz out over the Collector Base Assault being a suicide mission, due to fearing a repeat of Akuze, only to have his squadmates reassure him of his leadership abilities.

The Stripperific designs for the majority of female characters from Mass Effect 2 onwards.