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Biggest Complaint: Mario

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At issue:

The Super Mario video game franchise has gone on for over 30 years now, and the franchise has become so packed with games and spin-offs of all kinds that there's bound to be some missteps here and there.

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I hate to be one of those Complaining about complaining kind of guys, but the fact that a lot of people dismiss the whole series of games as being "kiddy" pisses me off.

The Super Mario Galaxy games have some of the most amazing game design the industry has ever seen, Paper Mario 2 is excellently written, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. were innovative to the point of being revolutionary when they came out. And that's only what comes to mind first.

Any game of this series has far more to offer than several of the (supposedly) mature titles have to offer.

The general staleness in the main platformer games; how they constantly reuse the same level themes (especially with the 2D games) without adding much to them and rarely add any new gameplay mechanics that significantly affect the gameplay other than powerups that are either inconsequential (penguin suits, fire flowers in Galaxy 2) or have extremely limited usage (flight in Galaxy).

That fact that Daisy hasn't appeared in a main series Mario Title since '89 and is stuck in only spin-offs.

Bowser and Peach could use a break. Do we really need to fight the former and rescue the latter in every game?

Let's see Mario explore some new locales besides the Mushroom Kingdom! Let's see some new villains! Let's bring back the best of the classic characters and get them more involved in the main games, such as Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy, and Birdo! How about bringing back forgotten members of Mario's rogues' gallery like Tatanga and Wart?

I'm not saying the series needs to be Darker and Edgier. All I'm saying is that a little bit of variety every now and again would be nice. Not everything needs to be copy-pasted. The Doctor doesn't battle the Daleks in every episode.

That the series has gotten stale over the years.

The fact that the strength of the games' plots is getting worse. The plots of the platformers gradually got more complex - the original games were plot-light; Super Mario 64 had dialogue and more open-endedness, with levels that could be explored instead of being linear; Super Mario Sunshine had an ongoing story and several characters; Super Mario Galaxy had the subplot about Rosalina's past - but they're reverting to the way they were before - Super Mario Galaxy 2 went back to a thin plot and more linear stages; the New Super Mario Bros series barely has a plot. This can also be observed in Paper Mario - the first game had a good plot, the second had a much better plot with side stories and backstory, and the third has a complex, dark plot, but Paper Mario Sticker Star barely has a plot and has no characters to give it the charm of the previous games.

Waluigi being relegated to a sports character despite having an interesting character and cool powers e.g. swimming through air

The death animation is really long and is really annoying

Mario 64's existence.