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Biggest Complaint: Lost

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Here's the place to let the world know about something that doesn't work about this show, trope, or author. As the votes roll in, you'll be able to see if it is also a problem for other folks.

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The insufferable love quadrangle between Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet. Five seasons packed with plots, subplots, twists, characters, sci-fi, horror, supernatural and all kind of crazy stuff, thousands of questions to be answered in just one last season... and they keep giving a lot of screen time to that stupid love story? Especially during the second half of season five, and especially with the finale.

The way they killed Libby off without revealing virtually anything about her

The way those wretched flashbacks about Jack's tattoos in "Stranger in a Strange Land" seemed as if they were written at the last minute so they'd have a flashback for that week.

Kate. Just Kate. She has almost no connection to the Island mythos and seems to exist solely as a trophy for Jack and Sawyer to compete over. And she sucks away precious airtime from far more likable and interesting characters. Furthermore, her centric episodes tend to be the worst of a given season.

Eko's death... talk about a lame end to a promising storyline. Though it was caused by the actor leaving.

Faraday's reduced screentime as season 5 went on, culminating in a rushed treatment of his storylines and his death.

Nikki and Paulo. I mean, come on.

In a single Season 5 episode, they kill off all the background characters who had been around since the beginning. All of them.

Desmond not having any storylines in season 5.

Kate and Jack... I don't hate them, they just aren't that interesting. I was kind of glad that Sawyer started becoming the leader while Jack was captured, but then he came back and ruined it all.

Half of the main cast of season 6 (such as Ilana, Jin & Sun) getting almost no development all season before abruptly dying.

Jack, the main character of the show, is its least interesting character.

Kate was shot in the chest in the episode "The Candidate" and wasn't one of the three characters in the episode who died.

The creators claiming the events taking place on the Island would have a rational explanation and then blatantly ignoring it.

Generic complaint about the finale.

My biggest complaint is that sometimes the show had problems juggling so many different characters. Several were shoved aside, and others had abridged and/or rushed storylines.

"Across the Sea", the Jacob/Man in Black centric flashback episode, was written like really bad fantasy fan fiction. Even worse, with an episode THIS close to the series finale, it provided more questions than answers, and the few answers that were included were executed poorly (like the donkey wheel, the Adam & Eve skeletons, and the source of the island's...erm...essence). Easily the crappiest Lost episode in a long time.

Charlie's death in the season 3 finale, considering there was seriously more than one way he could have saved his own ass from drowning.

"The Candidate" killing off three characters who had done nothing all season, and also killing off mostly non-white cast members, including the only non-white woman on the show.

Whatever happened to that spy plane that found the island for Penny but was never seen or heard about again?

"The Others" turning out to be something mundane. Unlike their creepier debut in the middle of season 1. And the less we talk about Ethan the better.

We never get to know the Man In Black's name.

All of the mysteries exist for the sole purpose of getting you to tune in next week. Ultimately, nothing means anything.

Out of all the characters that have died, I think we're up to four whose deaths were actually relevant to the plot.

All of season 3, save the last five or so episodes, in which nothing happened.


"How should we start off our epic final season? Should we start wrapping up plot threads? Should we build up to the eventual Grand Finale? Nah, how about we introduce MORE OTHERS!"

duplicate post (sry...just started learning how to use this...)

Rose, Bernard and Vincent the Dog vanishing without a trace after the Season 5 premiere episodes, only to have none of the other characters mention their absence...until they appear in the finale, which seems to be the last we'll see of them.

The main character is Jack, a terrible doctor on or off the island, who always sounds like he's about to cry but can't except for a single tear in the last episode, but that didn't count cause he was dead, and the last episode is a Jack episode, and the only good part was when Jack finally died.

Benjamin Linus does not get killed by one of the protagonists in what has to be the biggest case of Just Eat Gilligan. Many of you have declared him a great character and all however this does not justify the epic levels of Joker Immunity he has. EVERY time they don't kill him it comes to bite them in the ass later. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The use of dramatic music can be overplayed. The screeching violins build to a burdensome crescendo while the camera lingers far too long as the show overplays some minor character tension or a plot point that wasn't that shocking to some people. Rather than just letting the audience get involved on their own, it's as if they feel they need a big cue to say "YES! HERE! SHOCK! THIS IS A SHOCKING TWIST! FEEL AMAZED AND INTRIGUED!"

The show became over the top, with none stop Shocking Swerves, and or Wham Episodes, instead of the 'subtle' creepy atmospheric Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror tone they use to have.

"We have to move the island."

I laughed when I first heard that.

The fact that the show turned out not to be about people trying to survive on a deserted island.

Making a big deal over the 4-toe foot statue, then NEVER MENTIONING IT AGAIN...until season five, which isn't quite "again".

The flat monotone acting. Seriously. Flat. Droning. Monotones. For even the most emotionaly charged (Rather especialy for the most emotionaly charged) parts. Is everyone on this island supposed to be autsitic or something?

The 'smoke monster'.


The entire series. (obvious troll is obvious)