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Biggest Complaint: Kingdom Hearts

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Could we not spread the series across every console ever, Nomura?

No Export for You much?? At least give Europe Re:COM

Disney characters decline in importance after the original game. Even Mickey hasn't done much since the original aside from occasionally helping the Keyblade Wielders in a fight, albeit never against the main villain of the game (barring the fight against Xemnas, which only happens in a cutscene or if you reach zero HP against his easy armored form).

Must the game assume we're psychic and know the exact location/action/person we need to find in order for the story to continue (admittedly, only in KH and not really in the sequals)? Not that we need to be spoon-fed every single plot progression, but a little assistance would be nice.

I thought part of the original idea of KH was that we, as the player, would be able to experience both Disney and FF. As the years have passed, the FF characters are dwindling. I think it's a bummer.

The Gummi Ship.

Is this series actually going anywhere?

Can we have a villain that isn't yet another of Xehanort's selves?

The lack of new material; 358/2 Days and COM were Remix and I'm sick of Wonderland.

By planning ahead, a series can add new characters and concepts so that the story remains fresh. I've played four games and it feels very homogeneous in content. Just about every new character is a split personality of an existing character.

Not adding The Coachman to Prankster's Paradise, he is among Disney's evilest villains transforming hundreds of children into donkeys and selling them into slavery and he got away with it, it was a perfect opportunity to see him get his just desserts and they don't even include him.

The remakes. No, I don't want to play Kingdom Heart Re: Coded/2 Days by Sleep Drop Distance: The Final Mix II. Quit with the stalling, we know KH III isn't out yet. The spin-offs and prequels have at least some significance, but the remakes are just downright offensive.

Stop changing Neverland's world everytime it appears in a new game. One consistent design would be much appreciated.


So much Kudzu Plot.

Wait a second, they're going to bring everyone who died back? (Or something like that, depending how you interpreted Reconnect.) Kind of cheap...

It's so cheesy. I don't know how they managed to make it cheesier than the Disney movies they're based off of.

Could we not have the 100 Acre Wood please? I know it's from one of Disney's most beloved classics, but the minigames there are too much, especially the timed ones.