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Here's the place to let the world know about something that doesn't work about this show, trope, or author. As the votes roll in, you'll be able to see if it is also a problem for other folks.

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Killing off Adam Monroe, the best villain they ever had.

Saving DL after being shot only to die after being shot again becuase of his wife's third split personality that is never ever mentioned again or before and having his son be the only one to be even remotely upset about it.

Season Three. Between Moe-Moe's David Cronenberg tribute, Sylar flip-flopping, almost total ignorance of the previous season, Hiro gets a rival, Hiro goes to Africa, Hiro loses his memory, Hiro thinks he's ten (WTF?), Hiro loses his power, Hiro gets rescued by a spectacularly silly Deus Ex Machina, and whatever the hell is going on with not-Niki. Not to mention character derailment, aborted arcs, and bridge drops.

Peter's entire driving force in the latter half of season 2 was his desire to save Caitlin from the future. Then the third season just pretends that she never existed. Wonder what happens when someone is left in a future that will no longer exist?

The brilliant plan at the end of Volume 4, forcing Sylar to become Nathan and lying to everyone about it, completely ignoring A) Claire's healing blood and B) this being the worst idea in the history of worst ideas.

When they kept Ali Larter on as an actress but killed her character, only to give her a new one that had no connection to the plot whatsoever...

  • Ali Larter from her first on-screen moment, period.

The fact Claire and Mr Bennet seem to repeat the same character arc every volume. Seriously it's always they're getting along, Claire starts to distrust him for whatever reason and rebels, usually doing something stupid, finds out he was doing it for her along or something similar and they reconcile just in time for the end of the volume. Wash rinse repeat.

The fact that there are so many idiot balls in circulation, no character can be said to have much actual development outside of his or her (current) idiot ball.

All the wasted potential...

Peter's arc after season 1. Season 1 Peter was a great character: young; reasonably accomplished but drifting, maybe even having a little quarter-life crisis; just enough force of personality to go to nursing school even over his father's objections, but not enough to escape his older brother's orbit; suddenly consumed by ideas he knows instinctively to be true but can't intellectually believe; trying to piece together his place in the world even though those closest to him are manipulating him for their own purposes... and there was no indication that he was anything less than reasonably smart; maybe even a little on the bright side.

For season 2 onwards, the only possible explanation for Peter's behavior is that he is a complete idiot.

Thanks for ruining him, writers!

The fact that the show has a diverse set of interesting and powerful female characters, who die off at a rate so quick you barely have time to remember their names. At one time, you could determine which female characters would live and which would die off one simple facet of their personality... whether or not they had blond hair (it works until the very end of Season 3, with the notable exception of Angela Petrelli). Now, they've simply expanded to killing all of the women on the show, except the Cheerleader and Angela. Fatalities among prominent male characters can't even hold a candle to the fatality rate of female characters in the show. My favorite is the lady who had the ability to read objects and determine their past. Her lines? *horrible blood curdling screams*

That the original premise was "what would happen if ordinary people suddenly got superpowers" and it has since mutated to "everyone was either manipulated from birth by the Petrellis, or is a Petrelli him/herself."

The inept fashion in which the show hides secrets from the audience for "dramatic" effect. The most ridiculous example comes in season 3 where Noah (I refuse to call him "HRG" out of principle because that whole thing was stupid for the same reason) and Claire are looking through a file of various villains. Noah describes three of their powers: one can manipulate metal, one is a living flamethrower, one EATS FEAR, and the other..."You don't want to know." The one she didn't want to know? SUPER YELLING POWERS. Might as well have used a bleep and a subtitle saying "The plot doesn't want you to know this yet, but we're inept at hiding it"

  • Web series and comics prove that it has immense versatility and destructive potential.
    • So? Many of these powers do lmao

The way Sylar has essentially moved from being a dangerous threat to becoming a lame combination of Marty Stu and Mega Man.

The fact that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY will kill Sylar. I cannot count the number of times he's been in a position to be killed by someone with a motive, a willingness to kill, and an opportunity (hell, half the time he's already badly wounded or incapacitated) and they simply fail to finish the job. Most annoying case of Joker Immunity and/or Idiot Ball EVER. I'm starting to suspect he has another power and subconsciously projects "You don't want to kill me" to anyone around him.

Random Plot Incoherance. It doesn't help when Kring's Pandering to the Base backfires at a catastrophic level.

Sylar's Heel Face Revolving Door in Volume 3.

Whenever Hiro is abused as silly comic relief and made to act like a naive moron. There's a difference between idealism and stupidity!

Not killing Sylar at the end of Season 1 and turning him into a plot crutch.

The fact that they killed off Isaac Mendez before deciding they needed more future predictions for the plot, leading to ridiculous plot points like the fact that Isaac painted six paintings showing various important characters dying and didn't tell anyone, or the fact that TWO SEASONS after his death, new issues of his future-predicting-comic are STILL being published and sold in comic book stores!

It got canceled after a season finale that hinted at a slightly more watchable volume next season.

Heroes, post season 1.

They confuse Evolution with The Force

The way they kill any other interesting villain that is in the slightest way cooler than Sylar. Examples including Bob Bishop and Adam Monroe (Thompson and Knox can also apply).

Hiro, and how he behaves towards his friends and loved ones. Most recent examples: 1)saving Charlie's life without considering that she's dying anyway (how lucky that Sylar was near. Who, you know, usually helps people and doesn't relentlessly try to get their abilities). 2) You're a natural time-traveller, and you need someone to disappear for eight weeks. Anyone with half a brain would simply have taken that person eight weeks forward in time, but NO - ickle Hiro throws the Mohindrance into a bleedin' mental institute! Gee, I wish I had friends like that...

The way how just as we have completely warmed up to a new (or new-ish) character, the writers go and kill them on us.

Having no thought-out plot for everything shown post season 1. And if there was a plot: not having the balls to stick with it.

Rather have the show cancelled on a half-decent season than watching a crap season altogether.

Tim Krieg's 'auteur stink' in honestly thinking (early in the show can be forgiven, but he kept thinking it even during Season 1's success) he could replace the whole cast of characters every season and that NBC would let him. EVERY single problem Heroes has had since the end of Season 1 can be traced to him having to rewrite all his plans because he didn't seem to grasp when the show became popular that NBC would want to keep certain characters. Whether it was arrogance, stupidity, wearing blinders, or whatnot, it's really the biggest problem.

Peter suddenly gaining Common Sense when he becomes powerless, but everyone else graduating from his Academy of Applied IdiotBalls.

Elle's death :(

Daniel Linderman's sudden, uncermonious death at the hand of D.L. (literally), coupled with the fact he has healing powers and was a particularly threatening villain, which could've made for some very interesting turns of events in the later seasons.

Interesting characters either dying or disappearing. Scott the Super-Marine and Luke the troubled Microwave Boy both deserved to join the cast; they could have driven the plot in all sorts of new and different ways. But above all, there's the fact that Nikki died saving Monica's life, only so we could NEVER SEE MONICA AGAIN, and have Nikki's actress return as a "new" character who's not especially different except for her power. Look, I have the power to smack my face into my palm.

So now Claire's a lesbian, bisexual, curious, confused, whatever? Where exactly were they going with this?

This show would've been much better, if at least on occasion the charcters took the time to think about what they were going to do BEFORE making their problems worse.

Arthur Petrelli

Why, oh why, does Sylar's shapeshifting ability also replicate clothes that he's never worn (e.g. Nathan's suit) and/or contain metal (e.g. Nathan's flag-pin)? I shudder to think where he's stashing all those clothes!

What the hell did Mohinder have to gain by going to America and telling ONE GUY he was capable of great destructive power? Did Mohinder's idiot sense tell him that only he is capable of creating a plot?

Not making more of Knox, who at times could be terrifying.

Dragging the pacing down for Volume 5 as much as they did. It basically said: "We're out of production money!" in big, bold letters.

And just how deadly is this tumor in Hiro's brain anyway? It seems to disappear completely the minute he gets fixated on rescuing Charlie.

The fact that Peter, despite being the (subtle I'll admit) main character of the first season, maybe 2nd, then the rest, is never put at the front of the posters or finally just allowed to be the main character.

Also, every time there might be a decent fight, a door closes. Anyone notice this? (Season 1 Future, Season 3 Pete and Nate vs Sylar, etc etc.)

The general fact that Hiro can't catch a break in the love department, but especially the way his plot with Charlie ended. I mean, sure, some people may like their Tear Jerker endings (I don't even think it counts as a Bittersweet Ending), but it just kinda makes me WARGLE-BLARGHA-RITZFEES! I mean, not only did she not think about the fact that she needs to get back to the present day via The Slow Path and tell Hiro when he needs to go back to in order to rescue her, but then, when Hiro finally finds her, the fact that she has a pack of red-headed grandchildren seems to be what stops him from thinking about even trying to save her (I mean, is it really murder if you stop someone's grandparents from even meeting, especially considering she wasn't even supposed to be born yet?). Come on, writers, don't Yank the Dog's Chain, especially when that dog is your Plucky Comic Relief!

To me, character inconsistencies and stupid plots don't necessarily matter as long as the material is entertaining. And that 1st season of, I'll never forget how good it was. But every season after is just so BORING. I haven't watched a really good episode of Heroes since the season 1 finale, although very few episodes since were entertaining. It's sad how such a great series just went to shit.

When Claire became a whiny bitch. She got better, though, which is nice.

Tim Kring. That is all.

Does anyone actually like Samuel? He nothing more than the world's oldest angsty teenager! What the hell is he trying to do? Impress a girl? THAT'S IT? And he killed an entire town. WHY DID THE REST OF THE CARNIES JUST LET HIM BACK IN?

Matt Parkman and his permanently attached Idiot Ball

We were promised that with the beloved Pushing Daisies being canceled, Bryan Fuller would return to the show in the middle of Volume 4 and make it better again. His return was followed by some of the worst episodes in the show's history

Sylar's Heel–Face Turn at the end of Season Five

How it's just ripping off "X-Men" wholesale now.

Samuel is the worst villain ever. I can't stand the fact that he's forty years old and behaves and dresses the way he does.

I can't stand the deaf character. I don't know if they want to appeal to a new set of audience members, but I find her really annoying. Plus, she can see sounds s color? How the hell does that translate to composing masterful sonatas and destroying walls? I guess one of the writers must have read The Umbrella Academy or something.

Why doesn't Peter absorb the abilities of the Haitian?

How it's always been ripping off Supreme Power and Rising Stars, and dozens of other similar comics.

Oh, and lol racism Japanese people equals katanas

It can never, ever be as good as Lost.