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Biggest Complaint: Dead Like Me

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Showtime kills it just as it starts getting back to the quality of the first few episodes.

The whole "appear different to the living" thing is an awesome concept, but then we never see the alternate actors ever again (until the movie, anyhow)

The fact that they apparently can't decide whether the reapers really do appear different to the living. The people they've reaped often recognize them. The actress playing Un-George/Millie is five years older than George and looks a bit older than that, but everyone still treats George like a teenager, and Un-Mason has grey hair, yet Mason at one point claims to have tried to get a modeling gig which required someone in his twenties. (Yes, Mason is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the other reapers generally correct him when he's being stupid.)

The way George is given no time to grieve or adjust to her new status or, y'know, the loss of her entire support structure, and gets treated with an astounding lack of patience or tact from the other Reapers. Most of the various "fuck ups" she makes could have been avoided if Rube had just explained the reasoning behind the seemingly arbitrary rules he enforces.

The movie. Daisy's turned into a complete ditz with no regard for or skill at acting, Mason's turned into a selfish ass, and George's treatment of Reggie in life is retconned from merely ignoring her to being outright malicious. There is no penalty for ignoring the rules, Murray is depressingly Back for the Dead...the list goes on.

The oddly large amount of time devoted to George's family per episode

Interminable flashback scenes with young George.