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Biggest Complaint: American Dad

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The show has slowly but surely degraded due to the "Stan acts like a jerk and must learn a lesson" formula. Initally these were mostly political jabs about Stan's republican extremes, which, while occasionally tedious for similar reasons as Family Guy, were often amusing. As the political humor of the show faded however, the plots started to dwindle, with the universe seemingly skewed to put Stan in a position he is "wrong" in every episode, which either requires him to act like an unsympathetic sociopath to top his previous behavior, or make him a Designated Villain to his equally jerkish (but rarely rebuked) family (Francine undergoes The Unfair Sex, Hayley is a light Brian, while Roger is Stan at his worst but with the added ability to get away with everything and then some). It's especially irritating in episodes that make him the opposing side he was in another, but still contrive to make him the loser. You either loathe Stan for his behavior, or loathe another Smith for getting their behavior enabled just so he can be "wrong". Lampshading his Aesop Amnesia also doesn't make it any less repetitive.