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Important episodes still only having roughly eleven minutes for development and resolution.

The relative lack of long story arcs and constant return to status quo. Young Bubblegum leaps to mind, with Finn regrowing his arm being especially egregious to fans (due to the loss of his arm being foreshadowed for several seasons, yet only lasting four episodes).

A good portion of the relationship dynamic between Finn and Flame Princess centers on the fact that Finn has a hard time touching her, cause y'know, made of fire and everything. But in the first episode, they establish quite clearly that FIRE SHIELD SPELLS EXIST. (resolved)

Whatever happened to Susan Strong? (She comes back in "Dark Purple")

Jake and Lady's kids better have more episodes to make up for them growing so stupidly fast within their debut! (Jake Jr. is getting another episode with "One Last Job," so the pups will probably still show up occasionally.)

The abusive relationship in "Web Weirdos" is made okay because they have kids. The right way to deal with abuse is to have kids.

The fact that many of the main characters are so completely situational that they can't show up unless the episode is about them. Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, The Ice King, and now Flame Princess almost literally cant appear unless they're the focus of the episode, or for a one-off cameo. Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Beemo and even Finn and Jake themselves manage to be working supporting characters when they aren't the focus of the episode, why can't the others?

The way they've handled Finn's arm loss. After many many episodes of foreshadowing and a beautiful execution of the actual event once it finally happened in Escape from the Citadel, it felt just too... quick and pointless when he recovered it in Breezy, only two episodes actually dealing with said arm, and though they could still end up bringing his apparent psychic powers up and the arm might turn out not to be so normal, so far it's been pretty disappointing after such a perfect start.

Finn becoming a total jerk in the recent episodes. I know that he's got relationship issues with PB, but he seemingly dealt with them when he met FP. Then, when FP dumped him (again, for being kind of a bastard to her) he went right back to having an obsessive infatuation with PB. It's not that I find this behavior unrealistic (hell, I was a bastard that couldn't take a hint when I was 13), it's that it's just not fun to watch. Up until now, his infatuation has been pretty innocent, but now it's interfering with his morality and making him unlikeable: it's really hard to watch him awkwardly flirt with PB while INVESTIGATING HORRIBLE CHILD ABUSE. I really hope he gets called out on his behavior and cuts it out.

Where's Billy? (Resolved. Ouch.)

Rebecca Sugar left. I know she had other stuff to do, but without the Goddess who designed the Simon and Marcy backstory and created what are arguably the most emotional episodes in the series, I'm afraid of what might become of it.

Marceline's barely ever in the show anymore. (Marceline is coming back in season 5's "Sky Witch.")

We know too little about the various other kingdoms. How they were dealing with the Ice King before Finn came along, why there are so few princes, what being a princess actually entails day-to-day, etc.

More exploration of the Land of Ooo!

The fandom focuses more on shipping stuff and romance instead of the adventure theme from the old days.

They gave 13-year old PB only one episode before changing her back to 18 in the end of that episode. We didn't even get to see how Marceline would interact with her (13-year old PB).

I absolutely love this cartoon but I find that the writing and style is a bit inconsistent from episode to episode. For instance compare how PB speaks and acts in "Reign of the Gunthers" vs the "Lady and Peebles episode." It's both a strength and a weakness when different episodes are written and story boarded by different people.

A number of technologies that were introduced earlier could be useful now. Example: Why don't Finn and Fire Princess prismgram each other? Long distance relationships are still relationships. (They achieved dating status.)

Why doesn't Jake live with Lady Rainicorn? Yeah, the kids grow up fast, but it seems weird to me that he wasn't more present after they were born and still babies. I get that the purpose is him going on adventures, but I feel like there should have been an inter-season break where he lived with her and Finn got super bummed out and kept making jokes that Jake loved, but Lady didn't get.

Introduces big events, leading to potentially game-changing story arcs (i.e. Princess Bubblegum reverse aging to 13, Finn losing his arm) and ignores it for about 3 episodes, before hitting the "reset" button, giving the fans little to no information about this big change.

Even if they don't instantly cut the story short, like with Susan Strong, Rainicorn Puppies, etc. episodes featuring them are few, and about 30 episodes apart, by the time they return to the story arcs, viewers would have forgotten and/or lost interest in them.

The fact that they took the show's resident Knight of Cerebus, one of the few to add fear and fright to the show, and turned him into a baby.

Towards the end of Season 5, everyone abruptly seems to take a level in Jerkass, but especially with Finn and Lemongrab, as Lemongrab 2 is fucking dead now at the hands of Lemongrab as he's now become a Complete Monster (why would you do such awful things to a fan favorite?) and Finn has been very selfish and borderline abusive (though not even "borderline" in the case of Flame Princess, which was thankfully addressed in the show) towards Jake, PB, and Flame Princess. PB has done this to a lesser extent as well, especially with her behavior in "Too Old," only being concerned about the safety of the "normal" lemon child. Probably the biggest reason for this being such a problem (Besides that They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character with a horribly Cruel and Unusual Death) is that Adventure Time had finally healed its poor reputation regarding its treatment of the mentally ill, and the episode "Too Old" in particular just completely and permanently shattered that image due to Lemongrab becoming a Complete Monster and PB utterly not caring about any of the poor, abused Lemon citizens. (though I do recognize that what some have regarded as Unfortunate Implications about Lemonhope being more "normal" is actually relative to the Lemon society; besides the electrocution and emotional abuse, a lot of the abuse leveled towards Lemonhope specifically is because the Lemongrabs cannot accept that he does not like things the way they do (whereas he doesn't fit in with the rest of the Lemonchildren whom actually enjoy the lemony things, sans-abuse), and that's what motivates and drives PB to save him, but it was handled just so poorly and clumsily and PB seems to have completely forgotten what compassion she previously had with the lemon people, which still leads to more Unfortunate Implications.)

Related to the 11-minute time limit. So much happens off-screen. I've only seen halfway through the 5th season, but Finn and FP's relationship goes from nonexistent to dating off-screen, in "What was Missing" Marceline's song implies a long-standing relationship with PB, despite the fact that I don't think either of them are shown on-screen at the same time until that episode. They interacted previously in "Go With Me", where Marceline called PB by her first name.

Lemongrab torturing his children on-screen and killing his sweet little brother in front of their mom and all of their terrified kids. "Too Old" was an absolutely disgusting episode because its protagonists were two people who witnessed horrific domestic violence and child abuse yet only chose to save the "smart" child. It was repulsive, and legitimately triggering to survivors of child abuse and domestic violence.

It's how Many new Characters like Bubblegum's subsitute or Lady rainicorns babies are only put in one episode,it just bothers this troper, i feel that lot's of the Character that as an AT fan would like to see more of those characters to see more of their personality and Develop, i want the Writers to bring those babies back and on Question , if rainicorn babies age fast, then souldn't LR be super old by now?? (Rainicorns and rainicorn-dogs are two different species, so they would presumably age differently.)

Princess Bubblegum creating Lemongrab, then essentially abandoning him because he's mentally disabled. It's only after she realized he has a problem (and several people were tortured) that she actually tried to help him. Sure he's an asshole, but he's also emotionally retarded, and he needs more help than he needs scorn. (Resolved)

Will the Flame King ever notice that Jake lied to his face about the whole thing with Finn and Flame Princess in "Incendium"?

Songs are being churned out so much that a lot of 'em aren't funny, entertaining, or necessary. The songs were good in old episodes because they were there for comedy instead of being there to be there.

The show can never decide if it wants to be taken seriously or not. When the Ice King's true identity was revealed, it was completely played for drama, only for the show to go right back to being completely un-serious.

The show's continuing emphasis on the Marcy x Bubblegum shipping that seemed to have started with "What was Missing." Apparently, two girls can't be friends who have had a falling out. (The show does not imply that Bubblegum and Marceline have/had romantic feelings for one another.)

The show tries too hard to appeal to its Periphery Demographic, and runs straight into the Golden Mean Fallacy. It's too creepy for children, but doesn't have enough depth for adults, so the end result is incredibly mediocre. Back before it started pandering at least it had its moments.

Why do people like Lemongrab so much? He's so bloody creepy, it's not even funny. (They don't, he's The Scrappy.)

What's PB's problem lately? (The writers are adding depth to her character by making her rational and a pragmatist. They also want to see how far they can go without actually crossing the "evil" barrier.)

"Dream of Love" - Why does everyone want to ruin Tree Trunks and Pig's perfectly good relationship? (They made it public when they shouldn't have.)

What happened at the end of "The Lich"? (resolved)

Three seasons were spent on building up Finn's crush on Princess Bubblegum only for it all to be thrown away so Finn could be in love with a younger character who had never even been hinted at before

And how did the Mushroom War prevent Marceline from actually looking a thousand years old? (vampire, question resolves itself)

Almost all of the characters are annoying.

Finn is the only human seen in show. However, Mushroom War apparently killed them all, and nukes were apparently used (as seen in intro). Yet, no radiation. That implies like if radiation had enough time to disappear.

But how the heck Finn survived so much time. Also, he is at young age.

This has no sense whatsoever.

(It's 1,000 years later. Also, apparently creators have stated that Finn is some sort of mutant. Susan is also implied to be human so Finn is not only one)