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Best Episode: Warrior Cats

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Bluestar's Prophecy - a touching story that manages to explain and expand background of tons of characters from the main series, as well as introduce a lot of great, new ones. Not to mention a lot of epic, sad and heartwarming moments.

The Darkest Hour is generally considered to be the best by the fandom. Exciting scenes, unexpected twists, culminating in a very satisfying, wrapped-up ending.

Crookedstar's Promise. Great story, villain and characters? Yep!! Many crowning moments of awesome? Yep!! Writing quality? AMAZING!

The Sun Trail, a fresh new story with an excellent cast who have great development, a fast moving plot, awesome worldbuilding, and a climax which is very emotional and quite shocking.

The Last Hope, due to showcasing the character development everyone has had, having an epic battle, bringing back nearly every cat from the Original Series and a great ending that leaves things open for more adventure.