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Best Episode: The Garfield Show

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

At issue:


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Every Witch Way

Bride and Broom

Into The Wild

The Golden Lasagna Awards

Control Freak

Wicked Wishes

Kind to Kittens

More Than Meets The Eye

Furry Tales

The Lion King

Barking Mad

Take a Ferret to Lunch

Rodent Rebellion

Fraidy Cat

Freaky Monday

The Six-Can Solution

Bulldog of Doom

My Friend Nermal


Mother Owl

Mind Over Mouse

The Big Sleep

Pampered Pussycat

Fame Fatale

Glitter Gulch

The Mean Machine

A Gripping Tale


Mother Garfield


Farmer Garfield

Family Picture

Odie in Love

Curse of The Cat People

Perfect Pizza

Lucky Charm

Little Trouble in Big China

The Bluebird of Happiness

Neighbor Nathan

From The Oven

Two Times The Trouble

Underwater World

Honey, I Shrunk The Pets

With Four You Get Pizza

Great Pizza Race

True Colors

Stealing Home

Cuter Than Cute

The Stink, Stank, Skunk!

Against All Tides

Delicious Donut Day

Double Vision

For Mice

Home Sweet Home

Jon 2

Lasagna Tree

Little Miss Mouse

My Cousin Petunia

My Dog, the Cat

Silence of The Sheep

Very Very Long Night

Whatever Happened to Aunt Ivy?

World Without Me

The Superhero Apprentice

Long Lost Lyman

The Non-Garfield Show

Pasta Wars

Muscle Mouse

Garfield Gets Canned

Doggone Jon

The Garfield-Only Show

Prehistoric Pup

Teddy Dearest

The Great Trade-Off

Little Angel

Revenge of The Cat People

Filthy Fugitives

Where's Odie

Teddy Dearest

Fitness Crazed

Boris The Snowman

Cupid Cat

It's About Time

Problems, Problems, Problems

Partners in Mime

Fast Friends

The Write Stuff

Online Arbuckle

Laugh in a Can

What's a Difference a Pet Makes

Unfair Weather

Home for the Holidays

Dog Days

Ticket to Riches

The Mole Express

Jumbo Shrimpy

Detective Odie

Out of a Limb

Night of the Bunny Slippers