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Best Episode: Steven Universe

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

At issue:

The best episodes of Steven Universe.

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The Return + Jailbreak

Mirror Gem + Ocean Gem

Rose's Scabbard

Alone Together

Giant Woman

Lion 3: Straight To Video

On The Run

Sworn to the Sword

An Indirect Kiss

Laser Light Cannon

Mr. Greg

So Many Birthdays

Bubble Buddies

Coach Steven

Steven the Swordfighter

Can't Go Back + A Single Pale Rose

Log Date 7-15-2

It Could've Been Great + Message Received

Catch and Release


Lion 2: The Movie

The Test

Gem Glow

Story for Steven

We Need To Talk


Keeping It Together

Rose's Room

Space Race

Cry For Help

Mindful Education

Beta + Earthlings

Keystone Motel

The Answer

Hit the Diamond

Last One Out of Beach City

Steven's Dream + Adventures in Light Distortion + Gem Heist + The Zoo + That Will Be All

Tiger Millionaire

Lars and the Cool Kids

Warp Tour

Full Disclosure

Monster Buddies

Maximum Capacity

Steven's Lion

Friend Ship

Cheeseburger Backpack

Cat Fingers

Chille Tid

Nightmare Hospital

Gem Drill

Back to the Moon + Bubbled

Super Watermelon Island

Crack the Whip + Steven Vs Amethyst

Steven and the Stevens

Island Adventure

Marble Madness

Joy Ride

When It Rains

Back to the Barn

Too Short to Ride

Monster Reunion

Are You My Dad + I Am My Mom

Serious Steven

Winter Forecast

Future Vision

The Message


Barn Mates

Stuck Together + The Trial + Off Colors + Lars' Head

Together Breakfast

Garnet's Universe

Sadie's Song

Too Far

Same Old World

Lars of the Stars + Jungle Moon


Open Book

Know Your Fusion

Fusion Cuisine

Watermelon Steven

Steven's Birthday

Steven Floats

Beach City Drift

Arcade Mania

Onion Trade

Beach Party

Joking Victim

House Guest

Love Letters

Onion Friend

Historical Friction


Horror Club

Shirt Club

Drop Beat Dad

Political Power

Secret Team


Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

Say Uncle

The New Lars

Keep Beach City Weird!