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Best Episode: Samurai Jack

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Episode L (The Tale of X-9)

Episodes XXXVII & XXXVIII (The Birth of Evil)

Episode XL (Samurai Vs Ninja)

Episode XLVIII (Jack Vs Aku)

Episode XXXV (Jack and the Haunted House)

Episode XI (Jack and the Scotsman)

Episode XLIII (The Aku Infection)

Episode XXXII (Jack and the Travelling Creatures)

Episode XXX (Jack and the Zombies)

Episode X (Jack and the Lava Monster)

Episode XIX (Jack Remembers the Past)

Episode VIII (Jack Vs Mad Jack)

Episodes I, II & III (The Beginning)

Episode XLIV (The Princess and the Bounty Hunters)

Episode XIV (Jack Learns to Jump Good)

Episode XCVII

Episode XXIII (Jack Vs Demongo, The Soul Collector)

Episode XLV & XLVI (The Scotsman Saves Jack)

Episode XXXI (Jack in Egypt)

Episode XCII

Episode XVII (Jack and the Scotsman 2)

Episode XXXVI (Jack, the Monks and the Ancient Master's Son)

Episode VI (Jack and the Warrior Woman)

Episode VII (Jack and the Three Blind Archers)

Episode XIII (Aku's Fairy Tales)

Episode XXVIII (Jack and the Rave)

Episode XCIV

Episode XXV (Jack and the Spartans)

Episode XCIII

Episode XCV

Episode XCVI

Episode XCVIII

Episode XCIX

Episode C

Episode CI