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Best Episode: Rockos Modern Life

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Wacky Delly


The Big Question + The Big Answer

Rocko's Modern Christmas (AKA You Can't Squeeze Cheer from a Cheese Log)

I Have No Son!

Wallaby on Wheels

Who's for Dinner?

The Lounge Singer

Leap Frogs

Sugar Frosted Frights!

Closet Clown

She's the Toad

To Heck and Back



Kiss Me, I'm Foreign

I See London, I See France

Cabin Fever

Heff in a Handbasket

Boob Tubed

Bye Bye Birdie

Nothing to Sneeze At

Tickled Pinky

An Elk for Heffer

Keeping Up with the Bigheads

Fortune Cookie

Power Trip