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Best Episode: Heroes

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Season 1: "Company Man"

Season 1: "Five Years Gone"

Season 1: Homecoming.

Ando: But "die"!

(Peter Petrelli looks at him and without saying anything leaves)

Season 3: Cold Snap

Season 2: Cautionary Tales

R. BENNET: (filtered) You touch my daughter and I'll kill yours. And then I'll kill you.


BOB: (filtered) Noah?

MR. BENNET: (to phone) We'll be at the Imperial Beach parking lot in two hours.

(The line disconnects.)

(Bob pulls the phone away and turns to Claire.)

BOB: Well, looks like you and I are going to the beach...

Season 1: Landslide

Season 1: "Six Months Ago"

Season 1 - Collision

Season 2: Four Months Ago

Season 4: Tabula Rasa

Season 4: Once Upon a Time in Texas

Season 1: "Fallout"

Season 2: "Powerless"

Season 3: "One of Us,One of Them"

Season 3: "A Clear and Present Danger"

Season 3: "Into Asylum"