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Franklin and the Green Knight (film)

Franklin is eager about the upcoming birth of his new baby sister, but his enthusiasm is dampened when his friends tell him that babies are a lot of trouble and take up of your parents' attention. Meanwhile, Snail is worried that Franklin will have no time for him when the baby comes. Based loosely on Franklin's Baby Sister by Paueltte Bourgeois and Brenda Clark.

Snail: Franklin? Are you really worried your parents won't have time for you when the baby comes.
Franklin: Uh-huh.
Snail: That's funny. 'Cause I was kind of worried too.
Franklin: You were?
Snail: I thought you'd be too busy being a big brother to be my friend.

Franklin Stargazes - Season Six (Franklin)

When Mr. Turtle gives Franklin a bonus for helping with yardwork, Franklin is excited about buying a new telescope, but then trades it to Beaver when it doesn't seem to be as much fun as he thought. Then, when he learns that it's more fun than he believed, he begins to wish he had it back.

Beaver: Hey, Franklin, did you hear the news? There's going to be a lunar eclipse tonight!
Franklin: Really? Boy, I bet it'll look neat through the telescope! Do you think I could come over and watch it with you?
Beaver: This isn't some plan to get your telescope back, is it?
Franklin: No, it's yours, Beaver.

Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure (film)

When Franklin's Aunt Lucy comes for a visit, Franklin is less-than-happy at first, as she brings along her goddaughter Samantha, who seems to enjoy teasing Franklin and whose nickname, "Sam," is the same name as that of Franklin's stuffed dog. But when Franklin's Granny falls ill, Sam ends up joining Franklin and his friends on a quest to find a talisman with the power to save her.

Samantha: You might get your chance to be a hero.
Franklin: I don't want to be a hero. I just want my granny to get better.

Franklin and the Trading Cards - Season 4 (Franklin)

When Franklin ends up with two of a rare trading card that both Beaver and Fox need to complete their sets, he suddenly finds himself the object of bickering between them and their continued favors in an attempt to be the chosen one to receive the card. Franklin doesn't want to disappoint either of them, but their attempts at one-upmanship are beginning to get out of control...

Beaver: Have you seen Franklin, Snail?
Snail: Um, I think he said he was going to walk home today.
Fox: Walk home? Aw, I would have walked with him.
Beaver: So would I.
Fox: Oh, yeah? Well, I'd carry his books.
Beaver: Oh, yeah? Well, I'd carry him.
Fox: I doubt it.