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Best Episode: Black Mirror

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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San Junipero: the one with a satisfying lesbian love story

USS Callister: the one with the nerd

White Christmas: The one with digital human copies in egg-like devices

Fifteen Million Merits: the one with the TV talent show

The National Anthem: the one with the pig

Shut Up and Dance: the one with internet terrorists

Black Museum: the one that recaps everything

Nosedive: the one with China's social policy and a lot of pink

Hang the DJ: the one that killed your relationship

White Bear: the one with the murder prison

Hated in the Nation: the one where twitter is used to spout hate

Be Right Back: the one with the robot dead guy

The Entire History of You: the one with the Google Glass

ArkAngel: the one directed by Jodie Foster

Metalhead: the one in black and white

Men Against Fire: the one with the child soldiers

Crocodile: the one that disrupts subjectivity

The Waldo Moment: the one with the profane political teddy bear

Playtest: the one that shows why Americans shouldn't visit Britain