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Best Episode: Batman The Animated Series

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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"Heart Of Ice" (Mr. Freeze's origin story)

"Almost Got 'Im"

"Mad Love" (The New Batman Adventures)

"Beware the Gray Ghost"

"The Man Who Killed Batman"

"Joker's Favor" (Debut of Harley Quinn)

"Two-Face" (Two-part episode)

"Perchance to Dream"

"Feat of Clay" (Two part episode; The debut of Clayface)

"If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" (The debut of the Riddler.)

"Robin's Reckoning" (Two-Part episode)

"Over The Edge" (The New Batman Adventures)

"Baby Doll"

"The Laughing Fish"

"Harley and Ivy"

"I Am The Night"

"Harley's Holiday"


"Riddler's Reform"

"Growing Pains" (New Batman Adventures)

Beware the Creeper (intro of the Creeper) New Batman Adventures

"Legends of the Dark Knight" (New Batman Adventures)

"The Demon's Quest" (Two part episode)

"Second Chance"

"The Clock King" (debut of, well, the Clock King)

"Never Fear" (New Batman Adventures)

"His Silicon Soul"


"Mad as a Hatter" (debut of Mad Hatter)

"Old Wounds" (The New Batman Adventures)

"On Leather Wings" (The very first episode of the series)

"Christmas with the Joker"

Heart of Steel (2 parter; first appearance of Barbara Gordon, the future Batgirl)

"Deep Freeze"

"It's Never Too Late"

"Birds of a Feather"

"The Forgotten"

"Dreams in Darkness"

"Appointment in Crime Alley"

Nothing To Fear (debut of the Scarecrow and origin of the line "I am vengeance! I am the night! I am BATMAN!")

"Joker's Millions" (New Batman Adventures)

"See No Evil"

"The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy"

Joker's Wild


Fear of Victory



"Batgirl Returns"

"Pretty Poison" (Introduction of Poison Ivy and Harvey Dent)


"The Underdwellers"

Make 'Em Laugh

What is Reality?

Read My Lips (debut of the Ventriloquist and Scarface)

House and Garden

Blind as a Bat



"The Cat and the Claw" (Two-part episode; debut of Catwoman)


"Judgment Day" (New Batman Adventures)

"Terror in the Sky"


"Shadow of the Bat" (two-parter, debut of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl)

"Eternal Youth"

"A Bullet for Bullock"

"Time Out of Joint"


Double Talk (New Batman Adventures)

Tyger Tyger

Night of the Ninja

"Mean Seasons" (New Batman Adventures, First and only apperance of Calender Girl)


"Off Balance"

"Holiday Knights" (New Batman Adventures)

Sins of the father (Tim Drake's debut)

"Be a Clown"

Fire From Olympus

The Worry Men

Day of the Samurai

"The Last Laugh"

"Animal Act"

Chemistry (New Batman Adventures)

You Scratch My Back (New Batman Adventures)

Cult of the Cat (New Batman Adventures)

The Ultimate Thrill (New Batman Adventures)

"Moon of the Wolf"

Cold Comfort (The New Batman Adventures)

Critters (New Batman Adventures)