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Alternative Titles: The Zenigata

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Inspector Zenigata


  • Fits with Inspector Lestrade and Inspector Javert.
  • Gives some idea of the meaning of the trope, even for viewers who don't know Zenigata.
  • Only a minor change from the current name.


  • Still doesn't mean much to people who don't know who Zenigata is.

Inspector Antagonist

PRO: to go with Hero Antagonist

CON: Creates some ambiguity with regards to Inspector Javert, who is also an Inspector Antagonist, and the name might work better as a supertrope for both of them.

Terrier of Justice

Poodle of Justice

Inspector Ganimard

From the Arsene Lupin character, to mirror Inspector Lestrade from the Sherlock Holmes character and Inspector Javert from the Les Miserables character.

Beagle of Justice