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Alternative Titles: Newnamefor Mynameis Inigo Montoya

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NO we aren't getting rid of that name. We've redefined it, and now need a new name for the definition that was attached to it.

This is the definition that needs a name:

"It's the end of the movie, the climactic battle royale between The Hero and the Big Bad... After a good while of getting beat to a pulp, the Big Bad finally manages to get through the hero's defenses and score what looks like a decisive hit. ... The hero crumples, looking to be in a dire strait indeed. ... Then, sometimes due to a Deus Ex Machina, imperiled love interest, or more commonly sheer grit and force of will, the hero rises, ready to rejoin the battle, and, this time, despite the apparently crippling injury just sustained, there's no question at all that the hero's going to end up standing over the villain's smoking corpse or, more generally, triumph in whatever way is appropriate for the genre."

Heroic Second Wind.

Final Heroic Resolve.

Heroic Comeback

Heroic Final Resolve

Heroic Recovery

I Will Not Stay Down